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Last updated: 23 January 2024


Type K is used almost exclusively in Denmark and Greenland. (Click here for the full list of all countries that use type K)

The Danish standard is described in DS 60884-2-D1. Unlike the similar type E plug, the grounding pin is not mounted in the receptacle, but it is on the plug itself. The U-shaped earthing pin is 14 mm long, 4 mm thick and has a 6.5 mm diameter. The line and the neutral pins of type K are round and have a 4.8 mm diameter. They are 19 mm in length and their centres are spaced 19 mm apart. The centre-to-centre distance between the earth pin and the middle of the imaginary line connecting the two power pins is 13 mm. The plug is rated at 16 A. A type C plug fits perfectly into a type K socket. The Danish socket will also accept plug types E and F: however, there is no grounding connection with these plugs because a male ground pin is required on the plug. Because of the huge amount of imported European appliances fitted with E/F plugs, the Danish government decided to make it legal to install type E or F sockets too. So, the expectation is that, in the long term, the standard European type F socket (or – but this is less likely – the less frequently used type E) will eventually replace the Danish type K socket.

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